Sunday, May 15, 2016

week 7

Neuroscience is an growing in technology and we are gaining more comprehension of the human brain with every discovery we go through as humans. The brain is responsible for the most functions within the body, the body relies heavily on the brain to make vast decisions that could hurt or help its own body. Neurons play a major role in the nervous system while they are responsible for connection between cells, The illustration bellow was made by Camillo Golgi, calling it the "Golgi's Method".

An interesting topic that invokes the human brain revolves around drugs and hallucinogens, in the mid 1900's LSD was a big part of the though that it was a psychological marvel that could help take down depression and cases of schizophrenia. LSD also was supposed to help recovering alcoholics. The artist can theoretically portray images of what is going on inside of their brain and can give little restirciotns or guidelines. The following portraits are by the sam artist and one is before the consummation of LSD and after the Consummation of LSD.

The "Day of the Dead" is an interesting ritual in Mexico which takes the common fear of saness of death and turns it around to be a great spiritual up lifting for those who are about to pass and those who have seen their loved ones pass. Families create great sceneries of their loved ones photos and put them up on altars and make them vibrant. The shrines to commemorate their passed family members are put on display for all to see. The tradition brings the community of the people who have died together and they rejoice the passing of death. 


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  1. Hey Justin I enjoyed the blog, especially the details about "Golgi's Method", which I have never heard of before. I did not know that Neurons played that big of a part in the nervous system. Also, I didn't realize what LSD was mainly used for, which is for recovering alcoholics. It was a great blog that was very interesting!