Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Within the sport of baseball there can be two types of cultures, the art form and the scientific form. Personally I am in love with the art of the sport and would rather pay attention to the art form rather than the scientific form. However people like to attract to the scientific areas of how pitches move and how much time hitters have to see the ball to put it into play.
The art of baseball is the scenery and the excitement of the people cheering for their team since they were young and stay with them until they are older. The true fans of the game indulge in the beauty of the sport and watch how it is played with intent and passion for their home city. I love to walk into a baseball stadium and smell the air and take in the architecture that has been built to play the game.
On the other hand the people who follow the sport through computers such as watching statistics to see how a team is doing instead of watching their passion on the field. More times than other the statistics do not tell the story of how the game went. Everything on paper could have been statically correct, but the team could not pull it together. As said in a article “Southern California and other large cosmopolitan arenas, as places for cultural intersection and memetic alchemy, are where creative economies best flourish and thus evolve”. 

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  1. These two cultures in baseball are are pretty well known. I have noticed that I'm not in to the statistics as much as the environment the game brings. I love the excitement that the game brings. I have noticed that in baseball that what happens on paper is completely different than what happens on the field. The Forbes link was interesting because it shows how art and technology change how that outlook on this and how statistics is doing that for baseball. All around liked this blog!