Sunday, April 10, 2016

Inside of a mathematics formula, it can result in an art form. Linear perspective was spoken of in the lecture and the history of the founding of the vanishing point was done by Brunelleschi. The architecture directly relates to math and art correlating with the science of optics. WIthin the two, there are the mathematicians who see the shapes and angles within the artwork. For artists, they see the beauty and passion that the artist put into the painting.

Mathematicians can see the beauty from two cultures, ones of math and science, and one of art and creation. After watching the video I feel like I have gained much knowledge and multifarious ideas of how the artist created their art using mathematic formulas. The shapes created by artist come from formulas constructed from mathematics. The shapes come together to form a piece that represents math in the art form created by Kandinsky.

One artist that creates multiple math shaped paintings is Kandinsky, he proves his masterpieces have math qualities that forms beauty within art. Kandinsky is an abstract artists who forms shapes that connect together to make art. He was the first artist to create the first purely abstract painting. Kandinsky created his work through inner beauty and through his spirit. His upcoming was about having intense thought based on his artistic experiences.

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  1. I like how you make the interesting point about art and creation, because the art in linear lines creates a general picture. I also enjoyed the the specifics of Kandinsky and his abstractor views on art. I like ho also you explain the it takes the knowledge of math to create art.

  2. I also found Kandinsky's art to be very relevant to this week's topic. Kandinsky incorporates a lot of shapes into his abstract art, which is connected to math. Shapes are developed from mathematical formulas, so essentially without math this art would not exist. I really like the pictures you included, they provide good visuals to your overall post. Good job!

  3. I agree with Kelly that all art involves some type of math. The artist you chose to focus on involves a great amount of shapes which relates to geometry. it is interesting to see that with how far off and abstract an art piece may seem, it is somehow tied into the world of math. Good job on the material.