Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week 4

The most fascinating and intricate working "machine" is the human body and we are constructed of the most interesting cross-section of art and technology working on earth today. The newest technology being produced today is all coming from the medical technological advances and it is the forefront of the technology race, making strides everyday with new observations and creations. 
The illustrations of the human body first came from a art work done by Andreas Vesalius in his De Humani Corporis Fabrica of 1543, He produced a accurate depiction of the human organs and body structure like no one else had been able to create ever. Later, Henry Gray created and anatomy book that would go down as one of the most influential pieces of the depiction of the human body and it is still used today. The illustrations and very detailed descriptions would stir a appeal toward the beauty and art form that the human body can create. Even though it was used as a medical piece, art workers who work with the human body still use this piece of art to relate to. 

The exhibition called "BODIES" displayed its self on the human bodily system and preserved a unique and popular art form. This exhibition was amazing to see body art works in San Francisco over this past year. The beauty that the human body is not accounted for made me realize how intricate we are, beautiful pieces of art. 

The 21st century has taken the X-ray device for granite and are used in a wide spectrum from hospitals to check for our bodily health, and airports to protect those flying. The evolution of the X-ray has allowed for doctors and artist alike to get a better feel for what the anatomy of a human body look like and the multifarous variations it brings. 

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Sunday, April 17, 2016


Robotics have changed the world drastically with products being created by robots. Products are being created more efficiently and quicker with the technology of robots working quickly while maintain efficiency for long hours a day. However Walter Benjamin argues that we are not ready to incorporate more robotics because we can not think about how it may affect our future. Walter Benjamin claims in his Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction that "society has not been mature enough to incorporate technology."

This picture is of the Henry Ford assembly line where people worked countless hours making sure every Ford Model T car was in perfect shape for purchase.

This picture is of the present day Mercedes Benz factory where all machines are putting tougher other machines to put up for purchase. The personal detail has been forgotten and robotic technology has taken over the assembly line.

The more society creates the idea that robots are taking over jobs, they might just start creating them to have emotion. Rodney Brooks describes in his piece that robots "could have emotions" and could act like living creatures. This is a significant statement because there are many jobs that need to be given to working people in search of jobs to provide for themselves or their family.  The typical robot we conjure is one who follows their code and does not astray from encrypted orders. However, movies are being made such as Wall-E which is a robot who has emotion to think for others and their safety. The movie portraits how we have come to a point in america where robots have taken over all jobs and citizens of the United States have become obese from not being active because of the robots doing jobs for them, simple tasks as taking out the trash.

Wall-E Movie

Society must have the willingness to adapt to intervention of robots or else it will be hard to make a correction in our lifestyle in the future. The technology that is being incorporated in robots will be integrated everyday into everyday human interaction. If the human race does not adapt quick, jobs will be consumed by the robotic industry. We must embrace that the robotic world is coming and that hum as establish most jobs in the world, but we may need some production aid as well.

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Inside of a mathematics formula, it can result in an art form. Linear perspective was spoken of in the lecture and the history of the founding of the vanishing point was done by Brunelleschi. The architecture directly relates to math and art correlating with the science of optics. WIthin the two, there are the mathematicians who see the shapes and angles within the artwork. For artists, they see the beauty and passion that the artist put into the painting.

Mathematicians can see the beauty from two cultures, ones of math and science, and one of art and creation. After watching the video I feel like I have gained much knowledge and multifarious ideas of how the artist created their art using mathematic formulas. The shapes created by artist come from formulas constructed from mathematics. The shapes come together to form a piece that represents math in the art form created by Kandinsky.

One artist that creates multiple math shaped paintings is Kandinsky, he proves his masterpieces have math qualities that forms beauty within art. Kandinsky is an abstract artists who forms shapes that connect together to make art. He was the first artist to create the first purely abstract painting. Kandinsky created his work through inner beauty and through his spirit. His upcoming was about having intense thought based on his artistic experiences.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Within the sport of baseball there can be two types of cultures, the art form and the scientific form. Personally I am in love with the art of the sport and would rather pay attention to the art form rather than the scientific form. However people like to attract to the scientific areas of how pitches move and how much time hitters have to see the ball to put it into play.
The art of baseball is the scenery and the excitement of the people cheering for their team since they were young and stay with them until they are older. The true fans of the game indulge in the beauty of the sport and watch how it is played with intent and passion for their home city. I love to walk into a baseball stadium and smell the air and take in the architecture that has been built to play the game.
On the other hand the people who follow the sport through computers such as watching statistics to see how a team is doing instead of watching their passion on the field. More times than other the statistics do not tell the story of how the game went. Everything on paper could have been statically correct, but the team could not pull it together. As said in a article “Southern California and other large cosmopolitan arenas, as places for cultural intersection and memetic alchemy, are where creative economies best flourish and thus evolve”.